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Instagram rolls out Live Rooms for India, lets users go live with three more people

Yasmin Ahmed     December 1, 2020

Instagram will now let users add three more people to their live sessions. with its new feature, Live Rooms. The Live feature on Instagram gives users a way to go live, create and connect virtually, and hence has seen diverse use cases this year.

For example, multiple Instagram users used the feature to interact and hold interviews and podcasts while broadcasting them in the backdrop of the pandemic. Instagram noted that Live views in India grew 60 per cent on a week-on-week basis in March.

With the new Live Rooms, a feature now rolling out for its Indian users, Instagram notes that it will give creators more opportunities have conversations with their communities, and to expand their reach and use cases for Live, such as starting a talk show or a podcast, hosting a jam session or co-creating with other artists, leading to more engaging Q and As with those they are going Live with, or simply hanging out with friends. Instagram noted that the rollout for the new feature has begun and it will soon be available to users throughout India and Indonesia.

Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India, in a statement said, "Creators are at the forefront of pushing culture and creativity on Instagram and we're constantly innovating to help them express themselves better. This year in particular has seen extensive use of Live, and as physical distancing norms continue, Live will remain an invaluable feature to bring friends, families and audiences together, and foster meaningful conversations. From the launch of Reels to the testing and rollout of Live Rooms, India is playing a crucial role in the way products are being designed for the future."

Instagram noted that it tested 'Live Rooms' took place with a few creators in India like Shereen Bharwani, Manav Chhabra and Rohina Anand Khira.

Here is how to use the new Instagram feature Live Rooms:

To go live on Instagram:

-- Open Instagram

-- Tap the plus sign in the top left-hand corner of your stories tray or click the "Create" plus icon in the top right of the home navigation bar (you can also swipe left when you're on your main Instagram home screen)

-- Scroll to and tap the Live camera option at the bottom

-- Use the menu on the left to add a title if you so choose

-- Tap the circular button to go live

To add guests to your live stream:

-- While users are already live, tap the Camera or Rooms icon

-- Users can either add people that have requested to join their live and can also send users a request to join their live by typing in their username.

-- Tap on the guest's handle to add them

-- Users can either add all three guests at one time and can also add guests at a later time.

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