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TikTok could let users upload longer three-minute videos

Ankita Chakravarti     December 3, 2020

TikTok will reportedly let users upload longer videos now. As per the current format, users on TikTok can only upload videos spanning seconds. However, now TikTok wants the creators to shoot longer videos and explore more.

As per social media consultant Matt Navarra, TikTok will soon let users upload three-minute-long videos on the app. He wrote on Twitter, "TikTok is rolling out the ability to upload longer videos of up to 3 minutes long." He also shared a screenshot of the update which notes that only people with "early access" can upload three-minute-long videos.

TikTok seems to be testing this feature for quite some time now. As per Endgadget, some of the TikTok users had spotted longer videos on the app a few days ago and reported the same. One of the Twitter users wrote, "someone made a 3-minute TikTok but.. it was just flamingos merch ad"

The Bytedance-owned short video platform currently allows users to upload a minute-long video. The time period is definitely shorter than YouTube but longer than most short video platforms. The app expects the user to create something entertaining within the time frame of 60 seconds. Well, now if TikTok does increase the time limit to three-minutes, it would be good for users who have always complained about the time limit. The creators would get the chance to elaborate more and include more characters, props in their videos. However, one cannot say whether the viewing experience would be as seamless as it is now because one might not spend three-minutes on a video on TikTok.

For Indian users, TikTok remains unavailable. It was banned by the government of India along with 57 other Chinese apps over national security concerns. However, Bytedance has not closed its offices in India and still retained its employees here. TikTok is still hopeful to return to India.

As per an ET report, TikTok India head Nikhil Gandhi had assured his employees in an email that the company is trying hard to make a comeback and working closely with the government to take care of the issues that were raised.

"We remain committed to the positive impact our platforms can have on society. Our employees have been at the heart of our business and we place the utmost importance on our employees' personal and professional well-being," Gandhi said in the email, according to people familiar with the matter," Gandhi said in its email.

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