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Japan to bid adieu to petrol cars by 2030

BusinessToday.In     December 4, 2020

All new vehicles sold in Japan by mid-2030 will either be hybrid, electric or fuel cell cars in an attempt to achieve the Yoshihide Suga-led government's pledge of making Japan carbon neutral by 2050. Japanese economy ministry is foreseeing 100% electrification over 15 years, a transition that would toss gasoline-powered cars out of the country's auto market.

Japan's Automobile Association sees a vehicle market consisting of only hybrid and electric vehicles as a remarkable shift given the fact that EVs and hybrid vehicles comprise only 29 per cent of the country's new motor vehicle registrations.

With this move, Japan joins the league of other countries such as the UK and France who are seeking to reduce their carbon emissions by throwing gasoline-powered vehicles out of the market in the coming years. France has pledged to remove new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles from the market by 2040 while the UK said in November that it would take new vehicles powered solely by fossil fuels off the market by 2030.

In his first speech in Parliament in October, Japan PM Suga had laid out a goal to reach net zero carbon emissions. Though carbon emission levels have been on a decline in Japan, they need to fall at a faster pace in order to achieve the 2050 milestone, according to a Bloomberg report. The economy ministry mulls setting formal targets by the end of 2020.

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