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'Add to Cart' on WhatsApp offers complete shopping experience to users

BusinessToday.In     December 8, 2020

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to make it easy for users to shop on the instant messaging platform.

Providing its users with an 'Add to Cart' feature, this new update comes almost a month after the Facebook-owned company introduced a shopping button to its application. The update last month enabled users to browse catalogues offered by different businesses, as well as place orders on the messaging application itself. With carts, WhatsApp has gone all out to provide its users with a complete shopping experience; users can browse products, place orders, and pay - all using the messaging app.

The latest update on WhatsApp can be used while browsing through a business account on WhatsApp. The 'Add to Cart' feature allows users to add multiple items from a particular seller, and then share it with the seller to place a direct order. Another option is to 'Message Business', where users can convey their queries to the sellers.

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How to fill the cart

On WhatsApp, users need to visit the business profile of their choice. Clicking the shopping button icon (introduced last month) would get the users access to the business' catalogues.

After selecting the desired products, users can choose 'Add to Cart.' Users can also consult the business at this stage with the 'Message Business' feature.

Akin to all e-commerce websites and applications, WhatsApp will provide its users with the option to edit carts - to add or remove items from their carts. Clicking on 'View Cart' will enable users to cross check the products added and the 'Add More' button will redirect them to the catalogues. In addition to adding and deleting items, users can also customise the quantities of the products they want.

Post this, the order can be shared with the seller in a single message, which would then be confirmed by the seller in another message. Retailers will also be able to accept payments using WhatsApp Pay to complete the orders and commence the delivery process.

In addition to the feature, WhatsApp has also brought in a promotional device for the retailers. There is a new cart-themed sticker for WhatsApp's 'Open for Business' sticker pack, which the merchants can use to start promoting their businesses within groups and chats on the application.

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