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Pico - the smart indoor plant incubator - starts shipping

Nidhi Singal     December 9, 2020

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is our common love for growing plants. But as the normalcy returns, the long working hours, busy schedules along with extreme weather conditions - all of these keep us at bay from indulging in our favourite hobby. With Pico - a pint-size smart incubator - help is at hand. When it comes to plants, this self-sufficient smart incubator takes care of almost everything - from timely watering to daily sunlight.

Be it fresh herbs for cooking, indoor air-purifying plants or just succulents, Pico can be used to grow almost any kind of plant. This compact incubator can be attached to any surface to grow a wide variety of thriving plants anywhere, at any time.

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Addressing concerns of having direct sunlight for plants to thrive, Pico has its multi-spectrum LED. Supporting a wide variety of plants and providing complete autonomy from sunlight, the LEDs are mounted on an adjustable telescopic arm. As the plant extend upwards towards the light, the mount can be extended up to a foot in height.

It is claimed to be the same light that indoor food farms and professional growers use to grow their plants but in a convenient miniature size. Topping this is clever self-watering tech that stores water and provides on-demand watering. It doesn't involve any motors or pumps, instead relies on capillary action and gravity to give plants exactly the amount of water they need. It only requires a glass of water once a week. Pico powers through any USB Type-C cable. With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, up to 3 Picos can be chained together with a regular phone charger. Or 6 Picos can be powered together through a 5V 3A charger. Connecting cables to either side, each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

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Included with your Pico are 2 cables to get started - a short double-ended USB-C and a 3 meter (10') super-long cable - along with magnetic organiser loops to help route the cable around fridges, windows or anything else magnetic. Any phone charger can be used to power the Pico and the optional Pico-timer to automate it.

Available in four colours - burnt charcoal, krispy mint, tango orange and oh-so-lemon - Pico is priced at $34 for a single unit, $111 for set of four Picos, and $217 for the set of 15. Debuted on Kickstarter by Wilmington, United States headquartered Altifarm Enverde, Pico's community pledged over $1.6 million for over 45,000 Picos and is trending towards $2 million on Indiegogo.

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