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Farmers want earnings at par with Punjab, Modi govt wants to bring it down to Bihar average: Rahul Gandhi

BusinessToday.In     December 11, 2020

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has launched another attack on the BJP government on Twitter saying that it wants the income of all the farmers of the country to be the same as those of farmers in Bihar who have the lowest average farming household income in the country. Gandhi was referencing to the Centre's new farm laws against which farmers have been protesting for the past few months.

Gandhi shared a BusinessToday.In graph on Twitter which depicted the average farming household income of different states of India. Punjab has the highest average farming household income in the country at Rs 2,16,708 per year. While Bihar has the lowest at Rs 42,684 per year.

In the tweet, Gandhi wrote in Hindi, "The farmer wants his income to be as much as the farmers of Punjab. The Modi government wants the income of all the farmers of the country to be as much as the farmers of Bihar".

According to the BusinessToday.In graph, the national average is Rs 77,124 per year which translates to Rs 6,427 per month. The income is barely enough to cover the average monthly expenditures of Rs 6,223, according to Situation Assessment Survey of Agricultural Household (Jan-Dec 2013)

The INC has been attacking the government for a while over the new farm laws and has alleged that these laws would lead to a decrease in the income of farmers. The party has also stated that the new farm laws have been made to end the practice of minimum support price and also to abolish the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Act. While the government has claimed that the new laws would actually help in increasing the income of farmers.

Farmers from Punjab and other parts of North India have been protesting in the National Capital and its borders for the last 16 days. They have had multiple talks with the Central Government but no agreement has been reached yet.

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