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Solar eclipse December 2020: Check date, timings in India, visibility

BusinessToday.In     December 12, 2020

The last solar eclipse or Surya Grahan for the year 2020 is set to take place on December 14. Total solar eclipse of magnitude 1.02 would take place when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth totally blocking out the Sun.  

The December 14 solar eclipse will start from 7:03 pm (IST) but it won't be visible from India. The solar eclipse will only be visible in South-West Africa, parts of Chile and Argentina in South America and Antarctica if the weather situation permits it. Apart from these landmasses, the solar eclipse will also be visible from certain parts of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun, thus casting a shadow over the Earth.When viewed from Earth, a solar eclipse looks like the Sun is being covered by a round dark shadow casted by the moon. A solar eclipse occurs because the Moon is far away from Earth and its relative size is not big enough to entirely cover the sun.

Surya Grahan timings in India

The Surya Grahan will start at 7:03 pm in India, according to (All timings are according to Indian Standard Time (IST)

Starting at 7:03 pm  

Will reach its peak at 9:13 pm  

End at 12:23 am on December 15

The totality will last for 2 minutes and 9 seconds during the maximum point of the Surya Grahan.

How to watch Surya Grahan 2020 safely  

Health experts unanimously say that one should never stare directly at a solar eclipse with bare eyes as the intense light could permanently damage the eyeball and may even cause blindness. All interested in viewing the solar eclipse should wear protective eyeglasses, binoculars etc to protect themselves from the intense light of the solar eclipse.  

Where Surya Grahan 2020 will be visible:  

Citizen of a few cities in Chile and Argentina will be able to witness the full solar eclipse. These cities include Temuco, Villarrica, and Sierra Colorada. Partial Surya Grahan would also be visible from the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica and South America.

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