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'Baraatis' fail to find bride's address, return home after searching all night

BusinessToday.In     December 17, 2020

Weddings are no short of drama but in an absurd episode in Uttar Pradesh, a groom and his 'baraat' went looking for the bride's address the whole night but to no luck.

On the night of December 10, the groom and his entourage started from Azamgarh to Mau in UP but they were set on an ill fated treasure hunt to find the bride's address. Finally, the angry groom relented and went back home without his bride.

The man and his family did not visit the bride's house before the wedding. The girl also took Rs 20,000 from his family for the arrangements.

According to reports, a woman played mediator and fixed a meeting between the two families.

The mediator was caught in a soup when the groom's family vented out their anger on her, as it was she who brought the marriage proposal to them. Indiatimes reported that the groom's family held the woman hostage on Saturday night.

The senior sub-inspector of Kotwali police station, Shamsher Yadav said that the family of the group has made some serious allegations against the mediator. The police from Kotwali police station gave both the parties an opportunity to resolve their dispute.

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