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WhatsApp message offering WFH job with Rs 3000 per day salary is fake, do not fall for it

Ankita Chakravarti     December 17, 2020

Despite so many security measures taken by WhatsApp to combat online frauds, scammers continue to use different ways to dupe users. The new scam that is doing the rounds on WhatsApp has lots to do with WFH jobs. A message offering part-time jobs to users is being widely circulated on WhatsApp. Before you get too excited about the lucrative offers, read our report.

In the past week, many WhatsApp users across India have received messages on WhatsApp from unknown contacts. The message is offering a part time job to users, that would pay them up to Rs 3000 per day by working only 30 minutes a day. The message also says that the new users will get Rs 50 upon enrolling for the job. A link has been provided below the message which if activated might lead to loss of money, sensitive data, and a lot more. The message I received on WhatsApp from multiple contacts read, "There is a part-time job, you can use your mobile phone to operate at home, you can earn 200-3000 rupees a day, 10-30 minutes a day, new users join to get you 50 rupees, waiting for you to join. Reply 1 and long click the link to join us asap."

I got the same message from different numbers. While I did manage to block all the numbers, some users might fall for the trap given the scenario we are currently. Several people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus pandemic. So lot of people are in dire need of jobs and might end up clicking on the links provided along with the message. Messages like these are a complete hoax and if you click on the link you might end up revealing your bank details to cyber attackers and it could also log you out of your WhatsApp account.

So whenever you receive such messages, the first step is to ignore and block the contact. The messages are often too good to be true. You would also notice that the language used is incorrect and the sentences are formed in a haphazard manner. This is reason enough for you to understand that the message has not been sent from any authorized or credible contacts. However, scammers sometimes pretend to be from popular companies to lure innocent users. So it is very important to verify before clicking on any such links.

Once you have blocked such contacts, it is always better to report them so that other users can be saved from falling prey to the scam.

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