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'Digital India' made country stand out, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

BusinessToday.In     December 18, 2020

After Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, now company CEO Satya Nadella has also praised India's 'Digital India' campaign at a public platform on Thursday.

Nadella, speaking at the Carnegie India 2020 Global Technology Summit, said the "Digital India" framework has made India "stand out" from the rest of the world. He said the "India stack is pretty impressive".

"Bill Gates is always talking about how can we take what has been developed in India and make it available as a stack to all countries," The Economic Times quoted Microsoft CEO speaking at the Global Technology Summit.

The Digital India framework is an inspired set of choices that came about because of the state prioritising such infrastructure as a public good, which can help companies as well as citizens of the country, Nadella added.  

Hyderabad-born Nadella said that companies coming out of India are "world-class" that's because of the state promoting it through skilling and infrastructure. Nadella said Microsoft is also investing in India as the local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multinationals and public sector are becoming more efficient.

He also talked about Microsoft's partnership with NASSCOM to train one million people on Artificial Intelligence by 2021. Nadella said the training programme will not be limited to just engineers but also frontline workers so that they can use AI to become more efficient.

On broadband, Nadella said India has benefitted from 4G and that 5G will be rolled-out soon. "We have to make sure every rural community in every underserved community has access to broadband and we're working with nonprofits to ensure that...".

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