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WhatsApp to soon get multi-device support, enhanced group callingand other features

Ankita Chakravarti     December 23, 2020

WhatsApp is constantly trying out new features to make the user experience better. It was recently spotted testing new features that would let users join missed calls, past multiple images and videos. But some of those features were only being tested for iOS.However, as per the recent update. WhatsApp might roll out the new features in 2021.

There has been a little update about WhatsApp's much-awaited multi-device support. If Wabetainfo is to be believed,WhatsApp is testing calls when the multi-device support is configured. The WhatsApp features tracker said, "WhatsApp is currently testing calls when the multi-device is configured for the same account between different devices since the last week.No release date available." WhatsAppp has been rumoured to be working on this feature for the longest time now but looks like the messaging app is still testing the feature. Although the features tracker did not specify the date, users can expect it in 2021.

Wabetainfo also shared that WhatsApp is testing some features that are only specific to iOS for now. As per Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would let users join a call or missed call at any given point of time. "We have talked about the possibility to join missed calls in a previous article about WhatsApp for Android. Today WhatsApp is working on the feature for iOS too," the report said.

Another feature that was spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS was the ability to paste multiple items in the app.The feature as the name suggests would let users paste multiple images and videos into WhatsApp. The feature has been spotted in the new WhatsApp beta for iOS "WhatsApp beta for iOS is the first beta dedicated to the new year.This update brings the possibility to paste multiple images and videos into WhatsApp.To discover how to use the feature, select multiple images from the Photos app, tap "Export" and now "Copy": if you open WhatsApp, and you paste the content in the chat bar, all images will be captured from WhatsApp, ready to be sent," the Wabetainfo report stated.

Earlier, WhatsApp was reportedly testing the video and voice call feature for its web version. The group and video calling feature are not available to the web version for now but the new icons have appeared during one of the beta tests.

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