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Panag's Shooting Escapades

Dipak Mondal     December 25, 2020

Sherbir Panag, Partner in law firm Panag and Babu, took to shooting as a sport at an early age. He started skeet shooting at the age of 12, and went on to compete professionally, including representing the Junior Indian Team at two world cups in Germany, a World Cup in Finland and the Commonwealth youth games. "It (skeet shooting) is the perfect getaway for me, as ranges are typically outside the hustle and bustle of cities," he says. Skeet requires high concentration and speed. There's thrill, concentration and technique involved in shooting a high-speed target, but the joy of a hit is unparalleled. For Panag, skeet also carries lessons for crisis lawyers like him.

"A target leaving the house is a lot like a case, once it starts it can take any direction the winds take it to, but tolerance for ambiguity and achieving the result or hit is something one has to have single-minded focus on, despite the odds," he says, adding, skeet has taught him not to make excuses for last-minute changes or for factors outside ones control, but focus on delivering.

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