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Planning to move abroad? Finland's new migration scheme is big hit among techies

BusinessToday.In     December 26, 2020

Finland is the latest country to attract global tech talent with a ground-breaking immigration scheme. Through this 90-day Finn Scheme, Finland allows immigrants to relocate to the Nordic country for 90 days. During their three-month stay, these immigrants have a choice to decide if they want to go back to their respective country or make a permanent move to Finland.

The new immigration scheme has sparked much of the interest in the US and Canada. Of total 5,300 applications received so far, 30 per cent are from these two countries, The Guardian reported. A good number of applications also came from Britain.

Most of the applications wanted to relocate to the country with their families, many working remotely for their current employers. Around 800 applicants wanted to launch their start-up in the Nordic country. Nearly 60 applicants said they were investors, while rest wanted to come on job hunting.

Those selected under this 90-day Finn Scheme, which is now closed, will get all the necessary documentation, and other facilities including house, school or daycare for kids, facilities to work remotely.

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They could also get access to all tech hubs and networks. After three months, if they find the country suitable, the Finland government will also help them with permanent residency.

Notably, Finland is one of the thriving destinations for tech enthusiasts. Its start-up industry is worth $6 billion. The country hosts the highest number of digital start-ups per capita.

Like many European countries, Finland also offers facilities such as universal healthcare and generous parental leave. Most people move to the country to seek work-life balance and proximity to nature.

Ranked as the world's happiest country for three years in a row, Finland has also been unaffected due to Covid-19, with the lowest infection rate in Europe.

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