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Kitchen failures to Christmas carols, Anand Mahindra's Twitter memes sum up 2020

BusinessToday.In     December 28, 2020

Kitchens around the globe saw an increase in activity this year as lockdown forced people to spend more time indoors. With most working from home and having increased amounts of leisure time, people decided to experiment with indulgences such as the Dalgona coffee, which had become a huge trend earlier this year.

Coupled with the temporary shutting of restaurant operations, people took it upon themselves to deal with their hunger pangs and took to their kitchens in large numbers. Consequently, "How to make paneer" emerged as one of the most popular questions asked on Google in 2020.

While many succeeded in their endeavours, there were instances of some kitchen horror stories as well. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group also took to his Twitter account to share funny memes that resonate with the troubles faced by people in their attempts to cook during the lockdown.

On Sunday, Mahindra took to Twitter to share two funny pictures pertaining to men failing miserably at following cooking instructions.


Another post retweeted by the Mahindra Group chief presented a similar predicament of incompetent behaviour by the men of the households when it comes to cooking.


"No video better communicates what it felt like to get through 2020," said another tweet by the 65-year-old billionaire, sharing a video of a bus struggling to manoeuvre through a narrow cave.


Mahindra's Twitter feed was loaded with Christmas greetings last week in the run-up to the festival. Here is a multicultural rendition of a popular Christmas carol shared by him:


With the year coming to an end with positive news about vaccines rolling out worldwide amid tensions about the new coronavirus strains, people can better deal with the ambiguities by coming together and welcoming the new year with collective optimism.

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