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VAIO collaborates with Flipkart, to relaunch in India on Jan 15

Nidhi Singal     January 5, 2021

VAIO, originally a brand of Sony, which was sold to Japan Industrial Partners in February 2014, is relaunching in the Indian market. The brand post the sale was discontinued in the country. Known for sleek and portable laptops with top-end features and high performance, VAIO is making a comeback and has partnered with Flipkart.

Debuting with its range of premium, intelligently-crafted laptops, VAIO aims to regain its place and popularity amongst its customers again.  

Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director, South Asia, VAIO said, "We are enthused to relaunch VAIO and associate with names that have made it big in the e-commerce industry. Introducing finest-quality laptops in India, the brand focuses on reclaiming its space in the market while having an unrivalled demand by the customers. We are all set to present futuristic laptop range to the country's burgeoning tech-enthusiasts and young business professionals. We are looking forward to becoming the top choice for laptop buyers across the country."

The pandemic COVID-19 has fuelled sales of laptops, resulting in many new players entering the laptop category in India. The Chinese internet company that is doing well in the smartphone and smart TV space had launched Mi Notebook series in June 2020. And just recently, Nokia laptop was launched and is available for purchase on Flipkart.

While the new entrants are aggressive but competition against established brands such as HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo can be a bit challenging. For VAIO to succeed, the company needs to focus on a few things. While specifications can be easily matched to the highest computer ever made, it is the distinctive design, a wide range of offerings at an aggressive price and robust after-sales service that can be differentiating for the company.

According to the press statement issued by the company, the brand is relaunching itself in the country on 15 January 2021, it is retracing its way into tech-enthusiasts' hearts as it steps back in the competition with the Hong Kong-based Nexstgo Company Limited.

The brand offers various services such as manufacturing, sales and marketing as well as servicing of VAIO laptops under the VAIO trademark in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East markets. Fuelling the interest of tech-enthusiasts, VAIO intends to re-secure its rapport as the pioneer of tech-savvy laptops.

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