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Canon, Sony dominate latest BCN Japanese market share report

Pavni Jain     January 19, 2021

BCN Ranking is a Japanese consumer electronics retailer. The company delivers news and selling rankings of digital consumer electronics. In recent BCN Awards, it has released a camera market share report for 2020. Again, this report reveals the sales numbers of cameras and lenses in Japan and not in any other region.

The report notes sales projections from different categories including mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, point and shoot cameras, video cameras, action cameras as well as interchangeable lenses.

Cameras from Canon, Sony and Nikon kind of topped the charts in almost all the categories but yes, there are revelations as well. For instance, it is surprising to see that Canon didn't make it to top 3 positions in the video camera category. Despite having Canon EOS R5 with top-flight video features, the camera didn't win. The Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera boasts an 8K RAW video capture which is a remarkable feature for many filmmakers. The top winners happened to be cameras from Sony, Panasonic and JVC Kenwood.

In fact, we recently reported that Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 mirrorless cameras help the company exceed sales projection for FY2020.

But Canon did dominate other brands in the DSLR camera category. The camera maker also secured the second position in the mirrorless cameras section. Similarly, Sony performed quite well in the Japanese consumer camera market as per the shared report.

Courtesy of Canon Rumors, following is the detailed report:

Mirrorless Cameras

Sony: 27.4 per cent share
Canon: 23.8 per cent share
Olympus: 23.4 per cent share

DSLR Cameras

Canon: 51.9 per cent share
Nikon: 44.8 per cent share
Ricoh: 3.0 per cent share

Point and Shoot Cameras

Canon: 39.1 per cent share
Sony: 19.7 per cent share
Fujifilm: 11.4 per cent share

Video Cameras

Sony: 37.3 per cent share
Panasonic: 32.2 per cent share
JVC Kenwood: 11.1 per cent share

Action Cameras

GoPro: 7 per cent share
Sony: 7.5 per cent share
SAC: 6.5 per cent share

Interchangeable Lenses

Canon: 18.3 per cent share
Sony: 15.9 per cent share
SIGMA: 14.9 per cent share

So, those are the camera sales numbers in Japan. We also believe that the numbers must be affected due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. We cannot predict the future of the sales numbers of this year. Many camera makers such as Canon and Nikon are facing manufacturing challenges in the same country.

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