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The World of Words

Aprajita Sharma     January 22, 2021

Fascinated by Ruskin Bond in childhood, Shivank Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Mitron, would internalise the thought process of writers and how they weaved stories. "I loved the way authors would imagine the world and people. It triggered me to create my own version of the thought process around literary work." Mitron is a short-form social video app that allows users to create, upload, view, and share entertaining short videos.

Initially, Agarwal would draw a combination of sketches and write picture stories. As he grew older, he started composing poems. He would participate in various events and competitions in schools and colleges. He was also the editor of literary magazine Kshitij in college. "Apart from reviewing the content, I would also file poems for the magazine."

"Work keeps me busy, but whenever I have spare time, and a thought in mind, words just flow in a minute as I sit down to write," he says.

Did Agarwals work ever get published? "My poems did get published in local newspapers and a UK-based magazine. But now I don't seek publication. As long as people who matter to me are reading and appreciating my literary work, I am content," he says.

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