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Das' Sporting Frenzy

Manu Kaushik     January 22, 2021

Gautam Das, Co-founder and CEO of Oorjan Cleantech, was into football, but he realised it's difficult to play group sports in a corporate job. He switched to individual sports such as running and swimming. "I switched to running 13-14 years ago. I started with 10 kilometres, then moved to half-marathons, and later to full marathons across states and even overseas," he says, adding, training for marathons requires a lot of discipline, which is crucial in the corporate world as well.

Das, who is also a certified trainer of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), is currently running a start-up that executes turnkey solar projects. He has participated in over 30 marathons so far, and in over 50 unofficially. His next goal is to participate in the Ironman Triathlon, which includes 3.86 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling, and 42 km of running. "The plan was to do in 2021, but because of Covid, it got delayed," he says.

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