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Anand Mahindra wants Nobel for inventors who might revolutionise vaccine efforts

BusinessToday.In     February 2, 2021

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter today commending an innovation that could "revolutionise vaccine efforts".

Mahindra shared a snippet of information which claimed that a small biotech firm in West Sussex, England is working on putting a COVID-19 vaccine into a simple pill.

Advocating a Nobel prize for the inventors if they succeed, Mahindra called it one of the most vital innovations needed in the world at the time.

His tweet read, "Don't know if there's any validity in this report. But would the Nobel Academy please give them a Nobel if they succeed?"

"Probably one of the most vital innovations the world needs right now..." he added.


The text in the photo shared by Mahindra read, "IosBio, which is based in Burgess Hill, has developed a method of putting vaccines into pill form and is working with a US firm that has made an injectable vaccine that is going through human trials."

This pill was seen to be effective in tests on monkeys, it claimed.

Mahindra is often seen sharing humorous, witty or inspirational content with his Twitter family of 8 million people.

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