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Realme bets big on 5G, all phones above Rs 20,000 to support next-gen network

Nidhi Singal     February 4, 2021

With word on the street suggesting 5G networks to be rolled out in the country soon, smartphone manufactures are expanding their 5G portfolio. While most of the 5G-enabled mobiles available in India are on the premium side, Realme has launched an affordable 5G smartphone and plans to make them accessible to all. The company has launched X7 5G starting at Rs 19,999, which is the most affordable 5G device in the country as of now.

"We are kicking off 2021 with the Realme X7 5G series with MediaTek's Dimensity 5G processors and extending it across price segments to make everyone future-ready. Half of the smartphones we plan to launch in 2021 will be 5G enabled. Even all our smartphones priced above Rs 20,000 will be 5G enabled. We have always been dedicated to popularise features desired by mass consumers at a democratised price, to enable users to experience the latest technology," says Madhav Sheth, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer - India and Europe at Realme.

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Realme has been fully ready to step into the next phase of growth, with the full-scale 5G product, R&D, and supply infrastructures. The company aims to be a leader in 5G mobile connectivity and will be adding more devices to its 5G portfolio, in India as well as globally. Even though the commercialisation of 5G networks is still about a year away, consumers can be future-ready by investing in 5G smartphones today.

"5G smartphone is not just about the 5G network. It's the power of the latest nanoscale 5G processor which provides enhanced power management, display optimisation, camera support, gaming performance, etc., combined with Realme's gene of design, technology and quality. Also, even though 5G is not yet available, the 5G network will bring a new lifestyle which may not be imaginable right now, just like how we did not imagine the convenience 4G will bring five years ago," explains Sheth. The company has been closely talking to most operators and will explore bundling offers for 5G networks in the future.

In-line with the government's mission of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, Realme has been manufacturing smartphones in India for some time. "More than 60 per cent of Realme smartphone supplies are purchased and made in India. We are working towards strengthening our localisation strategies, and are encouraging more of our suppliers and partners to open local factories in India and contribute more to our country's economy," adds Sheth.

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Realme's manufacturing in the country is currently catering to domestic demand. However, the company will explore the opportunity to export India manufactured products at a later stage.

Commenting on the recent duty hike for smartphones components, Sheth avers, "the announcements are expected to boost localization and domestic manufacturing of mobile components, in the long term, which will bring more job opportunities to our industry".

Barely three years old, the Chinese smartphone player clocked 19 million sales in smartphones in the calendar year 2020. The company grew by 30 per cent as compared to CY 2019. In 2020, Realme expanded the business beyond smartphones and forayed into AIOT with the launch of smart hearables, wearables, smart TVs, smartwatch, and more.  "In the festive season, despite all the difficulties, we were able to achieve over 6.3 million smartphones and over 2 million sales of AIOT products," adds Sheth.

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