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Apple is putting ads in iPhone settings like Android phones, people are talking about it

India Today Tech     February 8, 2021

Apple's success over the years has come from the fact that it offers a clean and secure experience to its users. Seems like that's under question for the first time. Several users have taken to social media platforms to highlight that even Apple has started sending ads like Android smartphones and that's not a good thing. These ads are being placed under the Settings menu. In most cases, users have got advertisements for Apple's own services or apps including Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+ among others. However, in some cases users got advertisements for third-party apps too.

"So much talk from Apple about privacy but now I am getting Ads in the OS? Didn't we all just pay for the OS when we paid an exorbitant amount for idevices? Note that I neither have yelp app on my phone and I have never visited a pinkberry ever. Don't like this," a user complained on Twitter.

There were other users who defended Apple by saying that this is the whole purpose of app clips. They are designed to suggest services that users are likely to use.

"This is how app clips work, maybe do some iOS dev work and you'll understand. App clips are supposed to be suggested to users when they're close to a service that uses that specific app but they don't have the app installed on their phone. Otherwise App clips would be useless," a user said.

The development from Apple comes at a time when it has just introduced Privacy Labels, asking developers to reveal information they are collecting from users. The move hasn't gone down well with some including Facebook.

On its official website, Apple states that its advertising helps people discover apps, products, and services while 'respecting user privacy'. To deliver personalized ads, Apple uses information about you to serve ads that are more relevant to you. However, the users have an option to disable personalized ads. This can be done by - Go to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising.

Interestingly, Apple says that this may not decrease the number of ads you receive, but the ads may be less relevant to you. You can also turn off location-based ads on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Mac.

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