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'No place for hate': Apple CEO Tim Cook denounces violence against Asians in US

BusinessToday.In     February 15, 2021

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter to speak out against growing violent attacks against Asians in the San Franciso Bay Area. In his tweet on Monday, the Apple top executive said that his company would donate to groups providing support to those affected in the violent attacks.

"The rising violence against the Asian community is a painful and urgent reminder that we must unite against racism in all its forms. There is no place for hate in our society. The team at Apple stands together & we will be donating to groups providing support to those affected," Cook tweeted.


Cook's tweet came in the backdrop of rising unprovoked, violent attacks against Asians in the California's Bay Area. Videos depicting attacks on elderly Asians in the region surfaced across social media last week.

One video shows 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee being shoved to the ground by a man in San Francisco as he was out for his morning walk. He later died, reported New York Times. Another video showed a 91-year-old man in Oakland's Chinatown being pushed to the sidewalk in an unprovoked attack, the daily further added.

Quoting a local business leader, NYT reported that more than 20 attacks have happened over the past two weeks in Oakland's Chinatown alone. It is one of the major cities in California and home of US Vice President Kamala Harris, who criticised the hate crimes in a tweet last week.

"Hate crimes and violence against Asian Americans and Asian immigrants have skyrocketed during the pandemic. That's why our Administration has taken actions to address these xenophobic attacks. We must continue to commit ourselves to combating racism and discrimination," Harris tweeted.


Reports show that violence against Asians flared across the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic amid the rhetoric by former US President Donald Trump, who preferred to term the coronavirus 'the China Virus' or the 'Kung Flu'.

Outrage against the attacks has grown, with communities demanding action to put an end to the hate crimes and violence against Asians.

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