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Airtel, Qualcomm announce tie-up to provide 5G services

BusinessToday.In     February 23, 2021

Bharti Airtel and Qualcomm Technologies Inc have announced a partnership to launch 5G services in India. The collaboration will allow a faster rollout of broadband services in a "cost-effective and expeditious manner across India", said Airtel.

Airtel said through its network vendors and device partners, it will use Qualcomm's capabilities to provide a 5G boost in the country.

"Qualcomm's 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform supports virtually any combination of 5G spectrum bands and modes from extended-range high power sub-6 to extended-range mmWave. The portfolio of Qualcomm SG RAN platforms delivers cutting-edge technology for virtualised, flexible and interoperable SG infrastructure," a company statement said.

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Besides, Airtel and Qualcomm will collaborate to enable a wide array of use cases, including 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), which is designed to deliver broadband connectivity at Gigabit speeds to homes and businesses.

Airtel 5G solutions, including FWA services, will deliver multi-gigabit Internet speeds wirelessly to customers. "For customers, the ultra-fast and low latency of 5G will unlock a digital world of limitless possibilities --  gigabit size file downloads in seconds and 4K video streaming on the go across smartphones and computing devices, immersive Technologies such as Virtual Reality and SMART Homes with connected things," a company statement said.

Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel said with Airtel's integrated service portfolio and Qualcomm Technologies' SG leadership, the telco will be well placed to usher India into the next era of hyper-fast and ultra-low latency digital connectivity.

Rajen Vagadia, Vice President, President, Qualcomm India said the roll-out of 5G networks in India will help fast-track the country's socio-economic growth and development. This collaboration is expected to play a critical role in Airtel's plans to add 5G network coverage and capacity where and when it is needed the most.

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