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Baghpat chaat war: Harinder chacha emerges as new meme star

BusinessToday.In     February 23, 2021

Hours after a brawl broke out between two rival chaat sellers in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh-one of the sellers at the centre of the scuffle, Harinder, nicknamed 'chacha' grabbed all the attention because of his big, henna dyed hair and hilarious rolling on the floor fight style.

Harinder told news agency ANI that the fight broke off as a result of the other chaat seller making false claims that Harinder's food was stale. This drew customers away and irked Harinder resulting in the brawl between the two sides.

"They kept drawing my customers away...they kept telling them to come to our shop, his food is last night's...The customers would return my chaat," Harinder complained.

"They did this four or five times," he said before his arrest.

The viral fight clip which continued for about 20 minutes shows men beating each other up with iron rods and sticks. Harinder is seen rolling on the floor, dragging others down and beating them with his bare hands and sticks.

Harinder chacha is getting a lot of attention from netizens with some calling his release on humour grounds. Many memes are being made on him, check out a few here.


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