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Fitbit and Deepak Chopra will now offer mindfulness through fitness bands

Ankita Chakravarti     February 24, 2021

Fitbit is expanding its features. It will not just track your heart rate, steps, blood oxygen level but also take care of your mental well-being. Fitbit has partnered with Deepak Chopra for a wellness feature for Fitbit premium members. Chopra's mindful method is designed to help the user improve their emotional wellbeing, it will feature audio and video sessions led by Deepak Chopra on impactful, relevant themes like mindfulness, sleep, stress management, mental wellness and the mind-body connection.

Fitbit is not only focusing on the physical health of the users but also mental health. The company believes that using the mindfulness feature would help users manage their emotional wellbeing through practices like meditation and breathing exercises. The process will help in relieving stress, improve sleep, and can be used to treat disorders such as depression and anxiety, and more.

"Partnering with Deepak Chopra is a natural fit as we are both committed to giving people the guidance and support that they need to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing, especially as we continue to persevere through the stressful, uncertain times that we are living in. We are proud to bring his expertise as an influential, world-renowned leader in mindfulness and integrative health and wellbeing to our Premium members as we work to achieve our mission to make everyone in the world healthier through a holistic approach to health and wellness," said James Park, VP, GM & Co- founder of Fitbit.

The mindfulness feature will be available in the Discover tab of the Fitbit app. At the initial phase, only 10 audio and video sessions will be available for streaming. The videos will also consist of methods of meditating, improving the sleep cycle. Over the months, more sessions will be added to the app including the focus on mindfulness for total wellbeing, detailing the benefits of meditation based on Deepak, guidance for using mindfulness as a tool to build awareness, manage stress and emotions, and build concentration.

"For more than 50 years, I have studied the mind and body functioning as a single unit. I share Fitbit's belief that mindfulness and mental wellbeing are critical centerpieces of your health that are interconnected with physical wellbeing and other aspects like building immunity against illness, your activity and energy levels, how well you sleep, what you nourish your body with, and how you manage your personal relationships," said Deepak Chopra, M.D., Pioneer of Integrative Medicine and Founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global. "As a long-time Fitbit user, I am thrilled to share my mindfulness philosophy and practices to help anyone around the world establish and maintain a mindfulness practice no matter if you are just starting out or have been practicing for years. Meditation is a learned, and sometimes intimidating, habit that is most effective when practiced consistently, similar to an exercise routine, and has profound results on your health."

The Fitbit premium membership is available for Rs 99 per month & Rs 999 annually.

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