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Watch: Mumbai boy impresses Sachin Tendulkar by solving Rubik's Cube without looking at it

BusinessToday.In     March 1, 2021

Sachin Tendulkar has shared a video of a teenage boy solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded on Instagram. In the video, the boy named Mohammed Aiman Koli solves Rubik's cube in just seconds, without looking at it. Koli is a 10th-grade student from Mumbai and was seen with Master Blaster in a video posted on February 28.

In a post on Instagram, Tendulkar shared a clip with Koli and praised him for his incredible talent.

In the video, Tendulkar said, "I am here with Aiman Koli. You guys know what this is. Rubik's Cube. I am going to scramble this and give it to him. He is going to solve this blindfolded". "By the way, he is a Guinness Record Holder. An Indian guy. We are all proud of him," Tendulkar added.

Within 17 seconds, Koli solved the puzzle after which the ace cricketer said: "His next challenge is to teach me".

Tendulkar captioned the video post: "Met this young man a while back and I'm still amazed by what he can do without looking - what most of us can't do even while looking. Now, his next challenge is to teach me how to do it!".

The video clip has garnered over 2.5 million views and several comments. Netizens have also raised Koli's incredible talent. Many were stunned to see him solving the cube in mere seconds.

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