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Woman orders iPhone 12 Pro Max but receives Apple-flavoured yoghurt drink, details

India Today Tech     March 2, 2021

A man in China has been arrested for swapping an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with an Apple-flavoured yoghurt drink after a woman's video gained traction on social media site Weibo. The man, surnamed Long, was arrested on Sunday and reportedly confessed that he was transporting cargo between Anhui and Shanghai from February 6 to 18 and took advantage of his job. The Chinese woman, named Liu, who placed the order for an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max online for over $1500 and was shocked to find an apple-flavored yoghurt drink in the delivery box on February 16.

Liu said that she had placed the order for the iPhone 12 Pro Max directly from Apple's official website and not from any third-party seller. Liu then took the assistance of social media and posted about the incident on Weibo and even shared pictures and video of the Apple-flavoured yoghurt box she had received on the social media site. Liu said that she agreed for the courier to be delivered in the parcel locker in her residential community.

Apple and Express Mail Service, the courier service company responsible for delivering the order, stated that they had delivered the iPhone 12 Pro Max to said address and said they were investigating the matter. According to Global Times, the criminal suspect, Long opened the parcel that was shipped to recipient Liu, stole the iPhone 12 Pro Max handset inside, and replaced it with a box of yogurt while working a temporary job.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max was launched in India in November 2020 and is priced at Rs 1, 29, 900. E-commerce frauds are not uncommon when customers order from third-party sellers. However, the case cautioned users when Liu said that she had placed the order from Apple's official website. To name a recent e-commerce fraud case in India, a Delhi resident orders a Redmi 8A dual smartphone worth Rs 8000 during Amazon Sale but instead of getting a phone, he got a bar of soap worth Rs 14 inside the box.

In a separate case that took place in China in November 2020, a delivery man ran away with 12 iPhone Pro Max units that had a total value of around CNY 180,000, which translates to roughly Rs 20 lakh. He went untraceable after this heist, concerning the store manager and the delivery recipients who could contact the person. He was later arrested for his reckless shopping spree that he went on after he sold some of the iPhone 12 Pro Max units to get instant cash.

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