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Chai for Rs 1,000? Know why this Kolkata shop sells tea at such a steep price

BusinessToday.In     March 3, 2021

A hot cup of tea (chai), synonymous with so many emotions, can be your friend, healer, and companion. But how much would you be willing to shell out for it? Rs 10? Rs 30? Rs 50? Maybe Rs 100 at a fancy cafeteria?

 A tea stall named 'Nirjash' in Mukundapur, Kolkata, is selling the aromatic beverage for Rs 1,000.

Partha Pratin Ganguly, the owner of the tiny stall with an umbrella as a roof and a few plastic chairs is said to be selling several varieties of tea ranging from Rs 12 to Rs 1,000 for a cup.

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The shop serves around 100 varieties of tea, the Times of India reports. The most priced tea at Rs 1,000 for a cup, is the Bo-Lay tea that costs Rs 3 lakh per kg.

The other assortment of the beverage comprises several flavours such as Blue Tisane Tea, Silver Needle White Tea, Wine Tea, Okayti Tea, Tulsi Ginger Tea, Lavender Tea, Roobios Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Makaibari Tea, Blue Tisane Tea, and Teesta Valley tea.

The owner, Partha was working for a company and was keen on continuing with it, but he decided to start his own business.

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The idea was to own a regular tea stall, but with a unique twist. Thus, in 2014, he launched Nirjash, which soon became a popular joint in Kolkata.

Partha, according to the news report, is not only good at selling tea but also possesses sound knowledge about the properties of each tea variant.

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