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'Diabolically clever': Mahindra on smugglers using secret compartment in pick-up truck to transport alcohol

BusinessToday.In     March 20, 2021

Mahindra and Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra was astonished by the creativity of certain alcohol smugglers on Friday. These smugglers had been using a false compartment built beneath the floor of a small pick-up truck to conceal all the alcohol stock they were carrying. However, the police have caught on to their ruse.

Mahindra had shared a video on Twitter of police personnel inspecting a small pick-up truck only to discover that the smugglers were hiding their stock in a secret compartment built beneath the floor of the vehicle. Mahindra called the method used by the smugglers "diabolically clever".

The Mahindra chairman wrote on Twitter, "Gives a whole new meaning to the word 'Payload!'". Mahindra assured his 8.9 million followers that "this kind of innovation was not part of the design brief for the pickup truck product development team at our research centre, nor will it EVER be!".

It was not just Mahindra who was impressed by the smugglers' creativity. Several people in the replies to Mahindra's tweet expressed their shock and surprise upon seeing the alcohol-filled secret compartment in the video. Here is what these Twitterati had to say:

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