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Teen, lured by cheap iPhone listing, ends up buying table instead of real iPhone from e-com site

Ankita Chakravarti     March 26, 2021

People have often received fake iPhones or soap bars inside the boxes delivered by e-commerce platforms but never have they have ever received life-sized iPhones instead of real ones. Thinking what might have gone wrong? Well, this Thai teen was left shocked when he received a huge package that was almost as big as him from an e-commerce platform. Sure, the screen sizes of smartphones are increasing but we would take a few more years to make phones with life-sized displays. However, quite unlike most cases, we have heard of, this time the e-commerce platform was not at fault. This time it was the teen.

As per Oriental Daily Malaysia, a teenager from Thailand was rather excited when he saw an e-commerce platform selling the iPhone for a price much cheaper than the market. Without cross-checking the details and reading the description, he pressed the "buy" button and eagerly waited for his iPhone to arrive. But when he received the package he realized that he has indeed received an iPhone but not the one he desired. The package was almost as big as him and contained an iPhone-shaped coffee table, which does not look so bad. The e-commerce platform from where he placed the order was not at fault this time, the boy had failed to read the details of the product.

The price of the iPhone table was a lot cheaper than the market price of an iPhone. The teen thought he should not let go of a deal like this and went ahead with the order. His pictures with the gigantic iPhone have now taken over social media but he seems rather pleased with his purchase. Interestingly, the coffee table looks exactly like an iPhone 6s only it is bigger in size. It has a screen that is black in color, a Touch-ID, and a fake mic. The table can be seen in the famous Rose gold color with four legs in white.

But the table seems a lot better than the fake iPhones, detergents soaps that are sometimes replaced with the original iPhone in the box. Back in 2019, a Bengaluru-based man had ordered an iPhone worth Rd 93,000 but received a fake phone with camera stickers. The device was identical to the iPhone XS but ran on Android. Soon enough, the e-commerce platform replaced his order and delivered the original iPhone.

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