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Jhanwar, The Pied Piper

Aprajita Sharma     April 2, 2021

Spending time with kids is a task. Heartwarming indeed, but exhausting as well. But, what if it becomes a hobby? For Anurag Jhanwar, Co-founder and Partner, Fintrust Advisors, not a day goes by when he doesn't play with kids in his residential society.

"Taking out one-two hours daily has become a ritual. I have been doing it for the last four-five years. It helps me take a break from my mundane routine."

Jhanwar picked up martial arts quite early in life. He pursued taekwondo and won gold medals at state-level competitions. He has been passionate about sports of all kinds. "Now, I explore different kinds of physical games I can play with kids." He improvises on games he played in his childhood and gives them interesting names that click with kids such as Bomb blast, Dog in the bone, Nadi Pahad and Cycle Slow Race. "The games we would play as kids are being forgotten. We need to pass those on to the next generation, especially in the digital age when kids are mostly glued to the screen."

Interestingly, kids of all ages - from 3 to 18 - come to him. "If a kid complains he doesn't want to play with a particular girl or boy, I make sure he only plays with him or her. Sports is not just a fun activity. I try to imbibe in them leadership and management qualities."

For kids, Jhanwar is their Pied Piper. "Kids literally surround me wherever I go. This is how I am known in my society."

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