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Airtel, Jio and Vi postpaid plans under Rs 1000 with live IPL and streaming benefits

Yasmin Ahmed     April 14, 2021

The IPL season is here and many users are looking to watch live matches on their phones without a subscription to individual streaming benefits. Airtel, Jio and Vi give access to embedded IPL streaming through Disney+ Hotstar. The telcos also give Disney+ Hotstar and IPL benefits with these prepaid plans. As for postpaid plans, almost all postpaid plans give the benefit. Separately, the VIP subscription from Disney+ Hotstar costs Rs 399 per year and the premium costs Rs 1499 per year. By subscribing to these plans, users also get access to data, calling and other streaming benefits.

Starting with Airtel, the telco give postpaid plans starting from Rs 399. However, this plan was recently introduced and offers 40GB of data with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. The plan is basic and gives no other streaming benefits than Airtel XStream. Now postpaid plans from Airtel priced at Rs 499, Rs 749 and Rs 999 give access to Disney+ Hotstar. These plans offer 75GB, 125GB and 150Gb data respectively. They all give access to unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. The streaming benefits of all these plans include access to Prime Video, Airtel XStream and Disney+ Hotstar. While the Rs 499 postpaid plan does not give any add-on connections, the Rs 749 postpaid plan gives two free family add-on plans and the Rs 999 postpaid plan gives three family add-on plans.

Jio gives access to Disney+ Hotstar to postpaid plans starting from Rs 399. Under Rs 1000, the plans are priced at Rs 599, Rs 799 and Rs 999. These plans offer 75GB, 100GB, 150GB, and 200GB data respectively. The Rs 599 plan gives access to 1 add-on family connection, The Rs 799 plan gives 2 family add-on connections and the Rs 999 add-on plan gives access to three family add-on connections. The plans also bring data rollover benefits, with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Coming to the streaming benefits of these plans, they give access to Netflix, Disney+ Hostar, Prime Video and Jio TV.

Vi has postpaid plans for individuals and families. The individual postpaid plans from Vi also start at Rs 399 but do not give access to streaming benefits apart from Vi movies and TV. Individual plans priced at Rs 499 and Rs 699 give access to 75GB data and the Rs 699 plan gives access to unlimited data. As mentioned, these are individual postpaid plans and give access to streaming benefits like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Vi movies and TV.

Vi postpaid plans for family priced at Rs 649, Rs 799 and Rs 999 come with two, three and four family connections respectively. These plans give access to 80GB, 120GB and 200GB data with streaming benefits like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Vi movies and TV.

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