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Mariwala's Right Click

Aprajita Sharma     April 30, 2021

Patience and dare come naturally to those into photography. Once at Ranthambore, Sanjaya Mariwala, Executive Chairman and Managing Director, OmniActive Health Technologies, waited for hours for the tigress to come out of her cave.

"All the people around us left. The park was about to close, but I decided that even though I may have to pay a fine, I would not leave without seeing the tigress. The driver who was accustomed to the flora and fauna of the park assured me that the tigress would appear that day," says Mariwala. Patience paid.

"The tigress appeared out of the tall grass around us as we waited for her near the waterfall. She dipped into the mud, jumped into the waterfall, came back, looked straight into my eyes and disappeared again in the grass. I managed to click five-six attractive pictures." Photography expeditions have taken Mariwala places, literally. He has been to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Very recently, he went to Palayarpatti, Sivaganga District in Chettinad to capture the Jallikattu festival.

Mariwala, who was gifted his first camera at 15 by his father, has been learning photography since then. He applies photography lessons in his profession too. "In business, you need to visualise what you want to achieve and how to get there. It is similar to photography. You need to visualise what you want to capture. Only then can you capture it as it appears in front of you," he says.

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