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Khaki embrace the crumple

Bibek Bhattacharya     July 10, 2009

Khakis are everywhere this season, in a dizzying array of styles.

It’s the ultimate workday outfit, the uniform of the military and the corporate soldier alike. Given such ubiquity, you’d be forgiven for thinking that khaki trousers aren’t a big deal. But think again. If they were so ordinary, why would they feature so prominently in the spring/summer collections this year? If variety is the barometer of importance, then the humble khaki should be featuring prominently in your wardrobe. Just take a look at the sheer number of different styles on offer. From shorts to chinos to denims, khaki’s on the march. What’s more, they even look good crumpled.

•Gant Cargo; Rs 4,595

•Aigner Denim; Rs 14,500

•Brioni Trousers; Rs 25,500

•Puma Shorts; Rs 1,799

•Paul Smith Chinos; Rs 8,500

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