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Oxygen crisis: Show cause why contempt action should not be taken, says Delhi HC to Centre

BusinessToday.In     May 4, 2021

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday asked the Centre to show cause as to why contempt action should not be taken against it for violating the court's order on supply of medical oxygen to the national capital.

The court said the Centre has not been supplying 700 MT of oxygen as per the Supreme Court's order or 490 MT as per the High Court's order to Delhi.

"We are entitled to get into the aspect of oxygen allocation. Just because we told you that contempt is the last thing on our mind doesn't mean you will take it lightly...Enough is enough. Now we mean business," a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said.

The court asked the Centre to supply 700 MT of oxygen immediately to Delhi.

"We see the grim reality everyday of people not being able to secure hospital beds. The situation has come to a point where hospitals and nursing homes have had to reduce the number of beds being offered by them due to shortage of oxygen," the court said.

On one hand there is a need to augment the capacities keeping in mind the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases while on the other hand the existing infrastructure is crumbling, it added.

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