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Bibek Bhattacharya     July 10, 2009

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Crowning Glory
Artist Sunil Gawde is about to take a machine to the Venice Biennale this year.
Picture a 4.5 m wall. Facing you are 28 discs representing 28 moons constantly
dipping in and out of sight. Behind the wall are seven large belt-driven wheels choreographing the movement of the moons. Welcome to Alliteration, artist Sunil Gawde’s meditation on the inter-related forces that flow through the universe and its constituents, like a grand
cosmic opera. After years of acclaim and recognition, Gawde is set to join over 90 other artists to showcase his latest work at the prestigious International Art Exhibition at the 53rd Venice Biennale. An exceptional platform for the cutting-edge avant garde art from around the world, the Biennale has been around for over a century.
For Gawde, this is the latest chapter in a distinguished career of exhibiting at shows from San Tropez to Abu Dhabi to Glasgow. So, if you’re in Venice between now and November, do check it out.
Alliteration by Sunil Gawde, June to November 2009,
Venice Biennale—“Making Worlds”,

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