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The books that shaped my life

July 10, 2009

Every issue we ask a prominent businessman about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Shailendra Singh, Joint MD, Percept Limited.

It's not about the bike,
Autobiography of Lance Armstrong
 A deadly disease strikes a promising athlete and, against all odds, he not only beats the affliction, but returns to the sport and wins the top prize. Lance Armstrong’s story sums up my philosophy: Nothing is impossible. My business is all about innovation and I often try and take the path less trodden. The happiness and satisfaction that you get from creating some thing new and difficult is incomparable.

The magic of thinking big,
 David J. Schwartz according to Schwartz,
it’s quite simple—if you want more out of your life, think big. I couldn’t agree more! The mind can do many things—it can make us weak, strong, it can make us believe and even destroy us. Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Take my example. Nobody thought Percept could get into movies and intellectual property. But, here we are, leading the entertainment, media and communications domain in India.

Wings of fire,
Autobiography of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam The stories of Kalam’s childhood, his family, the perseverance of Indian scientists to achieve excellence in space—there’s a lot to learn from this book. Kalam’s an exceptional man, and it’s his story of staying rooted despite scaling the heights of success that inspires me even today.

Blink, Malcolm Gladwell
I’m instinctive by nature, so it’s hardly a surprise that I liked this one. A must-read for students of psychology, trainers and even for self-development. When we make instinctive decisions, the immediate thought is—am I right? But snap judgments are linked to past experiences. The subconscious mind processes data at a rate that’s quicker than blinking and that’s what instinct and this book are all about. Personally, my instincts are right, 80 per cent of the time.

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