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'India can be a leading player in renewable energy generation'

Manu Kaushik     November 15, 2009
Gavin Greene
Gavin Greene

Gavin Greene, Worldwide head of the electrical division of the energy consultancy firm SgurrEnergy, spoke on the promising growth prospects of renewable energy in India. Excerpts:

How does the ratio of renewable energy to total energy in India compare with the rest of the world?
India has around 10 GW of wind generation installed, which generates about 1.9 per cent of India’s total energy demand. This is far lower in comparison to leading renewable energy-generating countries such as Denmark and Germany as far as the proportion of energy use is concerned.

How do you see this changing in the next few years?
India is blessed with all necessary natural resources. There is potential for over 45 GW from wind, 15 GW from small hydro, 16 GW from bio apart from the enormous potential from solar energy. Initiatives are being taken by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and state governments. We anticipate a growth spurt over the next few years.

What kind of opportunities are you looking for in India?
SgurrEnergy is aiming to work with clients where we can apply our expertise and international best practice norms. We offer services like the cutting-edge Galion Lidar, which provides an alternative to conventional meteorological masts and can measure wind speed at remote points up to 2 km from the device.

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