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Gizmo h@ppy

April 17, 2008

Hollywood might be guilty of several sins, but it’s given us the entire genre of  ‘one-man-saves-the-world’ films, for which we are deeply thankful. How else will we even have known about GPS? Or that a mobile phone can be used to detonate bombs or start riots? Or that someone can be tracking our every move without us knowing a thing? But that’s the stuff of fantasy, you scoff. To which we politely but very clearly say,‘Rubbish’. Go online, and you can find many of these gadgets available, ready to be shipped to you in three days or less, and, best of all, at a price you can well afford.Will this make your life easier or better in any way? We’re not entirely sure. Will it make it more fun? Definitely!

Smoke @ work

Every now and then, there comes a gizmo that’s so completely ridiculous that we are tempted to put away all our prejudices and star it.This car-shaped (bugshaped, if you really want to know) USB ashtray is one such. Pull off the top every time you want to get rid of that hazardous waste you like to call ash. Then, and this is the good part, open the passenger-side door to activate an exhaust fan, which sucks up the smoke through a carbon filter. Price: Rs 1,500


Napster? Not in the car

When Bond is driving hell-forleather from the North Pole to um…the Equator to save top-secret plans from falling into the wrong hands, he simply cannot afford to nod of at the wheel. Same goes for you, when you’re driving back home after a very long day at work. Get the Nap Zapper, fix it to your ear like a hearingaid, and every time your head crosses a pre-set danger angle, the alarm will go off, jolting you awake. Price: Rs 700


Handy phone

Is it a watch? Is it a phone? Is it a music player? It’s all three—and it’s something straight out of a spy flick. Lift your wrist to your mouth and murmur into it like a secret service agent. Or use the Bluetooth-enabled headset to make your calls and listen to crystal clear music when you’re taking a break from saving the world. Price: Rs 10,000


Button camera

When you’re gearing up for that top-secret meet in that abandoned warehouse with the bad guys, it makes sense to get them on film.Wires are passe—and easily discovered.You need this button-style cordless spy cam. On a more mundane, but far more important level, fix it outside your door and plug the receiver into your TV for a perfectly good security system for your home. Price: Rs 2,300


Spy vs spy

This one’s for those who suspect corporate or industrial espionage. Leave this laptop lying around in a strategic spot, go home or to your spy headquarters, log in remotely, switch on the hidden camera and get the traitors on screen. It also works well for those who have left elderly people or small kids at home with caretakers, maids or nurses. Keep an eye on the care-givers and you’ll know if your old aunt’s complaints are valid or not. Price: Rs 1.8 lakh


Detection unlimited

What if the tables are turned and someone’s trying to keep tabs on you using a hidden camera? You’re still at least one jump ahead with this hidden camera detector.The small, pen-shaped device automatically detects all wireless signals, and the light at the tip of the pen will flash depending on the strength of the signal. The device also works as a counterfeit note detector. But its detection radius is only 10 metres, so if someone’s using powerful zoom lenses on cameras, it can’t help much. Price: Rs 2,500

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