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Letter from the Editor

Sanjoy Narayan     August 7, 2007

When we were conceptualising BT More a little over a year ago, we were very sure of the kind of product we wanted to place before you—it had to be a lifestyle supplement of the highest standard, a magazine that actually added value to your professional life and leisure hours. Now, as we celebrate the first anniversary of BT More, it gives me great pleasure to say, at the risk of sounding immodest, that we have successfully redeemed our pledge to our readers — you.

Every issue—be it on Gadgets and Gizmos, Wines and Spirits, Offices, Locomotion or Home Décor—has been unique. That’s because we bring to lifestyle coverage the same painstaking research and due diligence that has made Business Today India’s #1 business magazine. Every single report that appears in BT More is backed by the opinions of acknowledged leaders and experts (both Indian and global) in their respective fields. And your response has encouraged us to set the bar even higher for the future.

In this Anniversary Issue, we revisit some of the themes we’ve covered in the past and, like always, bring you the latest trends and cutting-edge advice on how to stay ahead of the field. Being a modern executive isn’t easy. You have to be good at your job—that’s a given—look good at work and off it, know your Ps and Qs like the manor born, and make it all look effortless. This means you have to be well groomed, well dressed, know your cocktails well enough to mix a world-class one and do all this with a wink and a smile.

However, if you look closer at this superhuman being, you’ll find that it isn’t really that difficult. For one, getting hold of the tools of the trade themselves is as easy as saying 123 (although N-deal negotiators in the US and India may disagree).

But choices bring their own dilemmas (sigh!). If the dress code says “Lounge Suit”, how do you stand out from the crowd? If it’s an important business dinner, at what point should you exchange cards? And what should you do to make life easier if you don’t yet have a secretary to take care of all those mundane things that make corporate life such a chore? These are just three random questions that you have to answer every day, but don’t know who to ask. So, for our anniversary issue, we decided to find answers to these, and various other questions that every executive should ask, and know the answers to.

Happy reading and thanks for your enthusiasm.

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