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Google's betting big on one

Brinda Vasudevan     January 21, 2010

The iPhone killer. When it comes to mobile phones, almost all touchscreen handsets are seen as competition to Apple's iconic offering. But if the Internet is to be believed, Google's Nexus One is the closest any manufacturer has come to giving the iPhone a run for its money. First, the features. The Nexus One runs on the open-source, customisable Android platform. Like the iPhone, it has an on-screen keyboard, but users and reviewers seem to prefer the latter's intuitive spelling suggestion feature. The camera is considered as good (or bad) as the iPhone's, but where the Nexus One scores is in its 'voice to text' feature. Simply speak out the message to the phone and watch it transcribe and send it. Of course, there is the standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

So, does the iPhone have anything that the Nexus One does not? The app store. That is Apple's killer service, and apparently, Google is unable to match it. The bad news for India? The phone is not yet available here. When it is launched, rumour has it that it will cost under Rs 30,000..

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