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Food inflation dips marginally to 16.2%

PTI     October 7, 2010
Food inflation fell marginally to 16.24 per cent for the week ended September 25, on slight easing of supply side pressures, even as prices of cereals, fruits, select vegetables and milk remained high.

After rising for the fifth straight week, food inflation declined by 20 percentage points during the week.

The figure was 16.44 per cent for the week ended September 18.

The index, which had moderated in July, has remained high since mid-August due to supply disruptions caused by a heavy monsoon.

According to the latest figures, inflation was driven mainly by higher prices of pulses, rice and wheat. Official data released here showed on an annual basis, cereal prices have risen 5.26 per cent.

While prices of pulses rose 4.44 per cent on a yearly basis, wheat and rice became costlier by 6.49 per cent and 3.86 per cent, respectively.

Among other food items, milk prices soared 24.88 per cent during the week, compared to the same period last year, while fruit rates rose 15.65 per cent.

Vegetables also became dearer by 7.65 per cent on an annual basis. Onion prices went up 9.85 per cent year-on- year, but potato prices declined 50.81 per cent.

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