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To be precise

November 27, 2007

“Poverty is a shame and the widening gap in incomes is frightening; 300 million of us have overwhelmed the considerations of 750 million others”
Parthasarthi Shome, Adviser to the Finance Minister, in Business Standard

“I don’t go to the office to work. I go to office to meet people”
Wim Elfrink, Chief Globalisation Officer, Cisco, in Mint

“We want to move from beverages as an accompaniment to being a beverage destination. Our speed, our convenience, the value that we can afford to customers without comprising quality will make us a formidable player”
Don Thompson, President, McDonald’s USA, on plans to enter the ‘ballooning’ coffee market, to AP

“You can’t fall in love with the deal if it doesn’t sing and dance. You want to win every one, but you can’t”
Bob Johnson, CEO, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, on the decision to pull out of a bid to acquire Auckland International Airport in New Zealand, in Time

“We want to give Indian investors an opportunity to be a part of the world’s largest steel company and would like to list Arcelor-Mittal in India”
L.N. Mittal, President and CEO, Arcelor-Mittal, in The Times of India

“The key feature of a book is that it disappears”
Jeff Bezos, , Founder and CEO,, on Amazon Kindle, an electronic device that he hopes will leapfrog over previous attempts at wooing e-readers, in Newsweek

“The nature of the problem (mortgage defaults) will be significantly bigger next year because in 2006 (mortgages) had lower underwriting standards, no amortisation and no downpayments”
Henry Paulson, US Treasury Secretary, in Guardian

“Many foreign investors are coming here because of poor returns in developed countries. They will abandon us if returns fall”
M. Damodaran, Chairman,Securities and Exchange Board of India, in The Times of India.

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