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After WhatsApp Android and iOS, WhatsApp Web to get official dark mode soon

twitter-logoAnkita Chakravarti | February 25, 2020 | Updated 13:34 IST


  • WhatsApp Web to get dark mode soon
  • Only Andriod and iOS users have access to dark mode
  • WhatsApp has not rolled out the dark mode feature officially

WhatsApp recently rolled out its much-anticipated dark theme for the Android beta and iOS users. Now it is currently working on making the dark mode available for the WhatsApp Web user, claims WAbetainfo. Earlier, some users did enable dark mode through plug-ins but the Facebook-backed company is planning for an official rollout soon.

As per the screenshot shared by WABetainfo, it can be seen that WhatsApp is still testing the dark mode on WhatsApp Web and implementing many other features. Till now, the dark mode is only available on Android and iOS beta users. However, if you want to catch a glimpse of how the dark mode will look on your computer screen, you will have to download a few extensions.


Here's what you can do to enable the dark mode on WhatsApp Web
- To experience dark mode, you have to make sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
- Once you have the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you have to download an extension called Stylus for your respective browser. Stylus helps a user in applying various colours or themes to any of the websites they are using.
- Upon downloading the Stylus extension, you will be able to browse through various themes and colours. One such theme would be the dark theme, select it and install the style
- Once you have downloaded the theme or colour, open the WhatsApp Web or reload the tab and you will able to use your WhatsApp on dark mode.

But remember this only the unofficial way of experiencing the dark mode on WhatsApp Web, once the feature is officially rolled out by the Facebook-backed company, you would not have to take an extra step or download any extension to get the dark mode. When the feature will be out, you can simply go to the settings mode on your WhatsApp Web and change the theme from normal to dark and switch it back to normal using a similar process.

WhatsApp, however, seems to be a bit sceptical about rolling out the feature officially for any of the platforms because it is still testing and adding features and wants to release a bug-free dark mode for all the users on every platform. The dark mode feature will reportedly come with lots of exciting features such as the animated stickers and blur effect among others.

The only way the Andoird users and iOS users can experience a dark theme now is by enrolling for the beta program, whenever that is available as the company yet to make official rollout.

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