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Amazon may add live-TV content like political debates, music concerts to Prime Video service

Reports have stated out several job listings that reveal Amazon is looking to add live and linear programming to Prime Video.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed New Delhi Last Updated: June 25, 2020 | 17:26 IST
(Source: Reuters)


  • Amazon has been "actively pursuing" deals to license live and linear programming.
  • In the future, Amazon may stream live concerts, political debates, and news programming.
  • There is no official statement from Amazon as of now but linear TV will make it stand out from other OTT platforms.

Amazon is looking to add 24/7 live programmes as well as scheduled shows to Prime Video service. If this service is made available, users will be able to watch live TV, music, news, shows, sports, and special events on Prime. A report by tech publication Protocol cited a source who said that Amazon has been "actively pursuing" deals to license live and linear programming.

Amazon in one of the listings has stated the importance of linear TV. "Although video on demand is on the rise, the global viewing hours weighs in favor of live or scheduled TV," an Amazon listing stated. In the future, Amazon may stream live concerts, political debates, and news programming, according to a job listing for Amazon's Prime Video live events team. "This is a transformative opportunity, the chance to be at the vanguard of a program that will revolutionize Prime Video," that job listing reads.

Linear TV is nothing but live TV that broadcasts TV shows, news shows, etc. "We are seeking an experienced Product Manager for the Prime Video Linear TV team to redefine how customers watch 24/7 linear broadcast TV content," a listing by Amazon stated.

"Linear TV enables customers to watch 24/7 streams of their favourite TV stations airing programmes including sports, news, movies, award shows, special events, and TV shows," said one of the job listings which is seeking applicants for a Principal Product Manager, Technical for Prime Video Linear TV.

The programming bundles for traditional cable services are usually expensive. If Amazon does bring in linear TV, it may aim to be cost-effective by bundling programmes from existing on-demand content and a much more narrow take on must-see live TV, the report stated.

A report by The Verge cited a job listing that states Amazon is looking for someone who can "redefine how customers watch 24/7 linear broadcast TV content." The listing further stated that the person will have to design the end-to-end customer experience for how customers discover and watch Linear TV content.

These listings show that Amazon could be working in the direction that will provide its customers with content other than the usual OTT shows.

However, there is no confirmation regarding Amazon bringing in live TV as of now, but if it does, it will be something different from what the usual OTTs have to offer.

Linear TV was tried out by Google through YouTube TV, and by Dish Network through Sling TV in the past.

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