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Banned from WhatsApp? Here is what happened to your phone number and what you can do

Every time when a user tries to violate the basic code of conduct of WhatsApp, there are high chances of the app banning that user.

twitter-logoAnkita Chakravarti | February 6, 2020 | Updated 14:25 IST


  • WhatsApp sends you a message once you are banned.
  • When a user sends defamatory message to another user, it can get banned.
  • You can also get banned if you use a third-party WhatsApp app

This is not about you getting banned from a group or one of your friends blocking you on the chat app for this reason or that. It's not all you blocking one of your contacts or random texters on WhatsApp. It's about your phone number, and hence your WhatsApp account, getting banned by the chat app.

WhatsApp bans a lot of users. In most cases this banning of a number is automated. So if someone has been banned by WhatsApp, what does that mean? Well, it means you did something that the Facebook-owned app did not like. WhatsApp bans its users when it senses a slight violation of its terms and conditions. Also on occasions, if a user is using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app, they will be temporarily banned from using the messaging app.

How do you know that you have been banned by WhatsApp?

So in case you have been banned because you did something wrong in the eyes of WhatsApp, you will receive a message from the app saying, "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help."

As per the WhatsApp guidelines, WhatsApp only sends out this message to its users when the basic code of conduct is violated by the user. What is this violation? WhatsApp bans accounts when a user sends obscene, defamatory and threatening messages to another user. However, it is entirely on WhatsApp to decide what it constitutes obscene, defamatory and threatening message.

Users are also banned when they promote violence on the app or create a fake account of someone. Another way one can get banned on WhatsApp is by sending too many messages to users, who are not added to his contact list. This may seem like a trivial issue but more often people have complained of getting messages from unknown people and that can be really bothersome at times. Basically, if you are spamming from your number, you may get banned. These bans are often permanent.

But there are other bans, which are temporary. This happens in case a user is using an unofficial app to access WhatsApp. When WhatsApp catches people using apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, it doesn't approve of it. Reason? These apps have no association with WhatsApp and according to the company they affect everyone's privacy and security. So, just to nudge people in the right direction, which is the official app, WhatsApp bans people temporarily.

What to do if WhatsApp bans number?

In case the ban is due to an unofficial app, you can switch to the official app and chances are that you will be allowed to keep using WhatsApp. However, if you continue using the unofficial app despite the temporary ban, you might get banned from using the app forever.

In the case of the first instance, where the number has been banned because you were misusing WhatsApp and did something that cannot be overlooked like abusing someone, the ban is most likely to be permanent.

But you can still try your luck. After you have been banned, you get a message from WhatsApp that your number is banned. In the same message, you are also told to contact "Support" for help. On its website, WhatsApp recommends that people who have been banned should use the support send an email to the company. Now, there is no guarantee that WhatsApp, after your email, will look into why your number was banned, but it is worth trying.

While WhatsApp is an extremely important service, it's a private service, offered for free, and its use is governed by terms of and conditions that users agree to. So in case if it has banned your number, chances are there is very little you will be able to do. Except writing that email and then hoping for the best. Or moving to a new phone number and using that for WhatsApp chats.

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