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Billionaire Warren Buffet finally gives up on 10-year-old flip phone, moves to iPhone 11

Warren Buffet is one of the richest people in the world. But he loved his old Samsung flip phone, which was launched in 2010, so much so that he gave it up only in 2019. Now, he is using an iPhone 11.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | February 26, 2020 | Updated 16:53 IST


  • Billionaire Warren Buffet has finally given up on his Samsung SCH-U320, a flip phone launched in 2010.
  • Buffet, whose firm has invested in Apple and who is friends with Bill Gates, is now using iPhone 11.
  • Buffet says that he uses iPhone 11 as a feature phone, only for calls and not for its smart features.

Nowadays, every teen wishes to own the latest iPhone as soon as he or she enters college. Maybe this is the reason why billionaire Warren Buffet is not crazy about the shiny Apple. Instead, he was so much in love with his flip phone -- Samsung SCH-U320 that was launched in 2010 -- which he kept using for years, at least until 2019. Now, Buffet has -- you can say, forcibly -- moved to an iPhone 11.

Warren Buffet, an investor in Apple with little over 5 per cent share in its stock, was using a $20 phone until last year, reports CNBC. But recently he moved to an iPhone 11, though it is not clear which iPhone 11he is using. Also, Buffet has not bought the iPhone 11 which he is using. He revealed to the business news channel that he often gets iPhones as gift, and did not feel the need to use one, until now.

My flip phone is permanently gone, Buffet told CNBC. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO gifted Buffet an iPhone in the past but it's only now that he has given up on the Samsung flip phone. Cook, in fact, has been trying to get Buffet to use an iPhone, the Verge reported. Cook even offered to fly out to Omaha and perform tech support for Buffet, in case he needed it.

So why did Buffet keep using an almost 10 years old feature phone? Simplicity. And the fact that he uses a phone only for calls.

Buffet notes in his interview that he uses the iPhone for basic calling. He also says that he does not use all its facilities like most people. You're looking at an 89-year-old who is barely beginning to get with it, Buffet said, a statement that is rather surprising given the fact that the billionaire has many friends in Silicon Valley, including Bill Gates.

While iPhone is used as a feature phone, Buffet apparently makes full and good use of the iPad. Using the tablet, he told CNBC, he researches topics as well as keeps a track on the stock markets.

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