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Canon EOS R1 flagship camera may arrive soon with quad-pixel AF and global shutter

Canon is expected to launch a new R-mount flagship camera this year by the name Canon EOS R1. The camera will include QPAF and a global shutter reportedly.

Pavni Jain | January 20, 2021 | Updated 20:06 IST
Canon EOS R5 Official Image


  • Canon may soon unveil its EOS R1 flagship camera.
  • Canon EOS R1 will reportedly boast quad-pixel autofocus.
  • Canon EOS R1 will probably include global shutter over rolling shutter for scanning images.

Just how Canon EOS R5 was one of the most anticipating cameras of 2020, this time, it is Canon EOS R1's turn. The Canon EOS R1 is subject to launch anytime in 2021, but of course ahead of the Tokyo Summer Games. Till the time the camera is not launched, we will always read the expected specs and features of the EOS R1 on the internet.

Canon Rumors recently confirmed two of the noteworthy features of the camera that will be included. One is the quad-pixel autofocus, and another is the global shutter. The report states, "One feature that will be coming to the camera according to a very solid source is a Quad-Pixel AF system. QPAF would improve autofocus accuracy no matter what orientation the subject or the camera is in."

Speaking of global shutter feature, there are rumours suggesting that to happen on the EOS R1. Having a global shutter on Canon EOS R1, while ditching the rolling shutter, can do both good or bad for the camera. While global shutter allows to scan the whole image at once, which is a big help in sports photography, the feature can also reduce dynamic range. Well, the time will reveal how good the global shutter on Canon EOS R1's CMOS sensor performs.

It is undeniable that Canon continues to develop its flagship EOS R systems. This means that Canon will try and put top-flight features in its latest EOS R camera. For the unversed, the company released Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless cameras in India last year . And these are the two cameras that helped Canon exceed its sales projection for 2020 fiscal year in China.

The EOS R5 is priced at Rs 3,39,995, the EOS R6 comes for Rs Rs 2,15,995. Looking at the price tags of both the cameras, we still cannot estimate the cost of upcoming Canon EOS R1. A lot will depend on the full features of the full-frame mirrorless camera.

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