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Coronavirus: Cognizant to pay 25 per cent additional salary to some of its employees

Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries in an email said that some employees who are working harder while world battles coronavirus deserve little extra in the month of April.

twitter-logo Priya Pathak   New Delhi     Last Updated: March 28, 2020  | 12:45 IST


  • Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries announced 25 per cent extra pay to some employees in month of April.
  • CEO said that this extra is needed because some employees are working long hours, and even on weekends.
  • Cognizant has total 203,700 employees in India. It is not clear how many employees with benefit here.

As the world battles covid-19 and coronavirus, different companies are trying in their own way to contribute. While job losses are increasing with industries like hospitality, entertainment, travel almost completely shut, some companies are trying to keep their work-force motivated by offering a little extra. Companies like Amazon, which run essential services, have offered their employees a little extra while many governments have increased the salaries of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. Now, Cognizant has announced that it is going to pay 25 per cent extra of the base salary to some of its employees in April because they are working extra hard in these times.

Cognizant has announced to pay an extra 25 per cent of base pay to some employees in India and the Philippines as the majority of its employees are working from home. Cognizant has a total 203,700 employees in India. It is not clear how many of these employees will get extra pay in April.

We are all dealing with a crisis that brings new challenges every day. Even with all of the preparation and foresight ... it's hard to imagine that we or anyone could have developed a playbook to anticipate the full impact of COVID-19, said company's Chief Executive Officer Brian Humphries in an email to his employees. Yet despite this turbulence, which affects both you and your families, you have risen to the challenge of serving our clients I appreciate that many of you are working extremely long days, weekends included. Some of you have given over virtually all of your personal time to helping clients and colleagues.

The pay hike is a company's token of gratitude for its employees who are effortlessly working amidst the ongoing pandemic. Humphries in an email to its employees that the extra pay will be processed with the April pay check.

Cognizant has total 203,700 employees in India. The lockdown declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb the deadly virus has led to chaos and many are finding it difficult to buy groceries and other basic requirements.

Several companies are coming forward to help their employees in these difficult times. For instance, Microsoft last week announced that it will continue to pay the hourly workers contract workers and not full-time employees -- who support their office campus irrespective of whether their services are needed or not.

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