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COVID-19: After temporary ban on N95 masks, Facebook will allow the listings of these masks

Facebook has stated that it will allow the promotion of non-medical masks on its platforms.

twitter-logoYasmin Ahmed | June 11, 2020 | Updated 17:17 IST
(Source: Facebook)


  • Facebook will allow the promotion and listings of masks on platforms.

Facebook will now allow the sale of non-medical masks on its platforms including Instagram. These masks include the non-medical masks that can be handmade, reusable, masks created out of home-made fabrics or refashioned non-conventional materials like neoprene, wetsuits, board shorts. The masks should not be marketed using medical, health or prevention claims.

These masks can be posted in organic posts, ads and commerce listings.

Facebook has temporarily banned the sale of N95 masks in the backdrop of COVID-19 so that people could avoid medical scams and to prevent medical supply shortages, inflated prices and hoarding.

There will still be a ban to promote N95 masks "to prevent people from exploiting the pandemic for financial gain."

Rob Leathern, Director, Product Management tweeted, "Today people can again start to sell and trade non-medical masks on FB and Instagram. This will apply to organic posts, ads, and commerce listings including IG shopping + Marketplace."

In a statement Leathern stated, "Many health authorities now advise wearing non-medical masks and in some places masks are required for activities like taking public transportation or visiting a store and we've seen people and businesses of all sizes working to fill this need. Since then, we've continued to monitor trends and activity around Covid-19 to better understand how people are using our platform. We're scaling back this temporary ban to allow people to promote and trade non-medical masks."

In related news, Facebook has expanded its blood donation feature live in India and other countries so that people can stay informed and so that they know when there is a shortage and where it is safe to donate.

"COVID-19 has led to blood shortages around the world due to shelter in place orders limiting the ability for people to donate. The Blood Donations feature is now available in South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire and Egypt as well as the US, India, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We're also working with partners in India and Brazil to connect people with more local blood banks and hospitals through the Blood Donations feature," Head of health, Kang-Xing Jin said.

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